Hitting as I recover from Golfer’s Elbow – Working on timing and contact point

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Hitting as I recover from Golfer’s Elbow – Working on timing and contact point

As you may know, I’ve been dealing with a tough case of golfer’s elbow. I took a little over a full week off to recover. I’ve also taken a few other measures to help alleviate the symptoms and hopefully cure my elbow pain. You can read more about what I’ve done to help with golfer’s elbow here.

Needless to say, getting over GE is a huge pain in the ass and I haven’t been able to get as much court time in the last few months due to it and a nagging wrist injury. Luckily, the wrist injury is healed and the GE is subsiding so I’ve been able to get back on the court and play some. I recently played doubles in a tournament and lost in the semi-finals to a really tough team. It felt good to just get out there and play at a decent level.

Here is my morning practice from today:

I’m not hitting too badly considering the time off. My cardio is still decent but my strength is maybe 5-10% less. I’ll get back to the weights soon enough.

You might be able to see a difference in my forehand. I’m working on keeping my wrist back and using less arm on the ball. Before, I would bring my rack around too soon and end up loosing racket head speed. Now, I bring it around at the last second and can get that extra pop you see from higher level players. I can also flatten the ball out more.

I’m working on keeping the wrist loose on the acceleration to get that “lag” you see from high level players. This is a work in progress that I should have nailed down in the next few weeks. I’m hoping to have a huge weapon in my forehand in the coming months… especially when I get more consistent with it.

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