Getting over golfer’s elbow – my most pressing goal

Getting over golfer’s elbow – my most pressing goal

I’ve taken then last two weeks off from intense practices in order to rest my newly minted golfer’s elbow. It happened in a practice the morning after doing some weight training involving pull-ups. I armed a few too many forehands and it caught up to me.

I didn’t even realize I had golfer’s elbow until I was doing some research. I thought I had just strained a muscle but when I’d touch the inside elbow bone (crude I know) it was on fire. After a week of rest it hadn’t healed so I had to do more research so I could get back on the court.

I read some forum threads on Talk Tennis but they were of little help. I read some threads on Reddit and found this one to be the most informative. There are a few other articles online that I read with varying degrees of helpfulness.

Ultimately, I believe my golfer’s elbow has stemmed from a combination of these things:

  • Typing and moving a mouse for a living
  • Catching the forehand too late and arming the ball
  • Hitting with the Wilson Blade 98 (its a bit stiff and light – the twistweight is low)
  • Compensating for a sore wrist
  • Not warming up properly

Here are the few things that I’ve changed in order to get better

  • Take more time warming up the wrist and arm especially on serves.
  • I’ve taken 2 weeks off to rest and recover.
  • Take Aleve to help with pain and inflammation.
  • I got a sports massage to release my forearm, bicep and tricep.
  • I added weight to the Wilson Blade 98 frame at 3 & 9 o’clock.
  • I’ve got my trust Yonex AI/DR98 on deck in case the Blade is the root cause.
  • Work on hitting my forehand and serve more out in front.

I’m also going to try to do these exercises and see if they help.

I’ve got a tournament this coming weekend and the following weekend so I want to be at least 90% in order to play. We’ll see how it goes…

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  1. Just curious, does the yonex ai help you with your golfer’s elbow? If so do you use any lead tape with it?

    I’m using it atm and have some light golfer’s elbow issues but I was thinking of demoing the wilson blade because I don’t like the yonex ai that much.

    1. Hey hocknstod,

      You know, the AI is good for elbow and wrist problems but I had to put some extra weight on it. I actually don’t like the open pattern and power it has. I switched to the wilson blade 98 16×19 and weighted it up to close to 13oz. I really like it and it seems to be good for the elbow. I still have a little bit of pain to the touch but I can play without taking anti-inflammatories and pain relievers now. I recommend the blade and then do some weighting like this guy suggests:

  2. Hoi, thanks for the answer.

    Where and how much lead tape did you use with the yonex? So far I only added a little bit at 12 and a leather grip but I’ll probably add some to the handle. If it weren’t so annoying with the lack of a butt cap I would’ve done that already. I’ve tried at 3&9 as well but I didn’t like it that much.

    1. I put the lead at 10 and 2. I put 2 6inch strips and 2 3 inch strips (one on each side of the strings). I put the exact same amount of lead under the leather grip near the buttcap.

      I find the 10 and 2 position to be a god compromise for stability and recoil weight.

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