Getting over golfer’s elbow – my most pressing goal

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Getting over golfer’s elbow – my most pressing goal

I’ve taken then last two weeks off from intense practices in order to rest my newly minted golfer’s elbow. It happened in a practice the morning after doing some weight training involving pull-ups. I armed a few too many forehands and it caught up to me.

I didn’t even realize I had golfer’s elbow until I was doing some research. I thought I had just strained a muscle but when I’d touch the inside elbow bone (crude I know) it was on fire. After a week of rest it hadn’t healed so I had to do more research so I could get back on the court.

I read some forum threads on Talk Tennis but they were of little help. I read some threads on Reddit and found this one to be the most informative. There are a few other articles online that I read with varying degrees of helpfulness.

Ultimately, I believe my golfer’s elbow has stemmed from a combination of these things:

  • Typing and moving a mouse for a living
  • Catching the forehand too late and arming the ball
  • Hitting with the Wilson Blade 98 (its a bit stiff and light – the twistweight is low)
  • Compensating for a sore wrist
  • Not warming up properly

Here are the few things that I’ve changed in order to get better

  • Take more time warming up the wrist and arm especially on serves.
  • I’ve taken 2 weeks off to rest and recover.
  • Take Aleve to help with pain and inflammation.
  • I got a sports massage to release my forearm, bicep and tricep.
  • I added weight to the Wilson Blade 98 frame at 3 & 9 o’clock.
  • I’ve got my trust Yonex AI/DR98 on deck in case the Blade is the root cause.
  • Work on hitting my forehand and serve more out in front.

I’m also going to try to do these exercises and see if they help.

I’ve got a tournament this coming weekend and the following weekend so I want to be at least 90% in order to play. We’ll see how it goes…

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