Wilson 100 Clash & Clash Tour Review

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Wilson 100 Clash & Clash Tour Review
  • Wilson Clash Tour!
  • Stiffness / Flexibility
  • Maneuverability
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I wanted to review this racquet, the new Wilson Clash. Everybody talks about this racquet which some say it’s revolutionary, so I wanted to give you my feelings about this racquet. I have recently tested the Clash 100 and the Clash 100 Tour. I’m going to talk to you about these racquets. 

Wilson Clash Tour!

So we are going to talk about the Wilson Clash Tennis Warehouse Europe sent me for a test. By the way, for your tennis equipment, I advise you to go at Tennis Warehouse Europe. I am partner with this website and it’s really nice from you if you use my affiliate link to buy at Tennis Warehouse Europe, so you will help me continue the videos I’m doing on YouTube and I’m going to try to make some more videos in English. You can find my affiliate link by clicking on the little i somewhere here. My affiliate link is also in the description under the video and it appears also on the video.

Okay, guys, let’s go, let’s talk about the Wilson Clash. So I have tested the Wilson Clash 100 and the Wilson Clash 100 Tour. Here, I just have the Wilson Clash 100 because I’ve sent back to Tennis Warehouse Europe the Wilson Clash 100 Tour. I decided to keep this racquet because I like it and in fact, I’m going to try to switch to this racquet. Anyway, both racquets have exactly the same look, the same appearance. I have tested both racquets with the same strings, Luxilon Element 1.25 mm with tension of 24 kg. Okay, let’s go. Specifications of the racquets, so you will see the differences. There are not many differences between the two racquets, and then I talk to you about my feelings when I played with the racquet which is, in my opinion, the most important thing. The weight of the racquet, very important. For the Wilson Clash 100, weight is, unstrung, 295 grams. For the Wilson Clash Tour, the weight is, unstrung, 310 grams. The balance of the racquet, very head-light racquets. For the lighter one, the Wilson Clash 100, the balance is around 31 mm unstrung, and for the Wilson Clash Tour, the balance is around 30.5 mm unstrung, so both racquets are head-light which is going to give you very good maneuverability, very good speed for your swings. String pattern, head size the same for both racquets, so 100 in², 645 cm² for the head size, and for the string pattern 16 x 19, so this combination, head size, string patter is something very common and something very versatile. The beam width of the racquets, the same all along the frame, 24.5 mm, rather big but we’ll see later that we need this beam width to have a decent amount of power.

Clash Stiffness / Flexibility

Okay now, I saved the best for last. The stiffness of the racquet, it’s maybe the revolutionary side of this racquet. The stiffness rating of both Wilson Clashes is very low, it’s 55, so low stiffness. What does it mean? It means that the racquets are very flexible. A flexible tennis racquet, what does it mean? It means less power, more control, more feelings, more comfort, but most of the time, very flexible racquets, they lack power. Therefore, big hitters but not for intermediate players. That’s one thing that’s going to be interesting with this racquet, that you will have a very flexible racquet, that’s the goal of Wilson with this racquet, to give players very flexible racquet, so comfort for the arm feelings and so om and at the same time, a decent amount of power. That’s what’s interesting with this racquet.

Concerning the stiffness of the racquet, there is something interesting. Most of the time, when a racket flexes, it’s flexes in this dimension, okay? And with the Wilson Clash, there is something more. It flexes in another dimension. It flexes also like this for players who use top spin with these kinds of swings and it flexes also in third dimension. It’s going to be a bit harder to show you in the video, but it flexes also in this direction like if the top of the racquet could flex but not the bottom of the racquet. A bit hard to show you in the video.

Okay, so the racquet is able to flex in three dimensions, almost fourth dimension. Okay now, I’m going to cover my feelings on the court when I played with the racquet and in my opinion, that is the most important thing. So first of all, concerning the stiffness of the racquet. I was surprised by the feelings I had with the racquet. I expected something else because I knew when I tried the racquets, the stiffness was very low, so I expected maybe the frame to bend more than what I felt. In fact, I didn’t feel the low stiffness of the racquet when I hit the ball. Sometimes, when I play with a flexible racquet, I could feel the frame that flexes and bends a little bit, and I don’t like this feeling because I feel it’s going to make me lack some precision, so I felt the frame rather stable. That was a good surprise, so that’s interesting because the racquet gives good comfort. It’s a very comfortable racquet. The low stiffness is interesting. It gives you comfort but at the same time, you don’t feel the frame bends too much.


So now, I’m going to talk to you about the power of the racquet. That’s really important to the racquet. That gives you just the right amount of power that you need, and in my opinion, in my feelings with the Wilson Clash, there is an intermediate level of power. The racquets are not extremely powerful and at the same time, we cannot say that they are very control-oriented, okay? So, the Wilson Clash will have intermediate level of power. For me personally, I have the good mix of power and control, so just be careful. If you are looking for racquets that’s going to give you really big power, a really powerful racquet, maybe that’s not a good choice and at the same time, if you are looking for a very control-oriented racquet, if you want to hit the ball or if you have flat shots with much power, maybe you’re going to lack control with this racquet.

Now to conclude with the power of the racquets, I’m going to try to make some comparisons with other racquets that maybe you already know. This racquet, Wilson Clash, is less powerful than the Babolat Pure Drive, less powerful than the Babolat Pure Aero, and something close to the Babolat Pure Strike 100. Concerning Head racquets, this racquet, the Wilson Clash is more powerful than the Head Prestige, less powerful than the Head Instinct MP, less powerful than the Head Extreme MP, and something close to the Head Speed MP. Concerning Wilson racquets, this racquet is less powerful than the Wilson Burn 100, more powerful than the Wilson Pro Staff, more powerful than the Wilson Blade, and something close to the Wilson Ultra 100. Now, if we talk about access to top spin, there’s a very good access to top spin with this racquet. We have tried in different situations, in any situation, I had a very good access to top spin with this racquet.


Okay now, concerning the maneuverability of the racquet – very important for your feelings. I didn’t know what to expect with the Wilson Clash. I knew the racquets were head-light, so that’s interesting for the maneuverability, but at the same time, I knew about the beam width’s 24.5 mm, rather big, and it can reduce the maneuverability. I’m not used to such beam widths, and finally, I had very good maneuverability, but personally, I have very, very good maneuverability with the Wilson Clash 100.


Okay, so now to conclude on the Wilson Clash, that’s an interesting racquet. I don’t know if it’s a revolution but the [inaudible] interesting thing with this racquet, the most interesting thing in my opinion is the low stiffness of the racquet. You have a flexible racquet. The benefits of a flexible racquet of that size, you have the comfort, you have the feeling, but at the same time, you have a decent amount of power, that’s what I like with this racquet. You also have good maneuverability for your grand strokes [inaudible] net, I had good feelings at the net, good maneuverability, nice feeling [inaudible] good precision, and on my serve, it wasn’t so bad. My serve is a weak shot, and I had good power on my serve. Really, that’s interesting, a very versatile racquet, so you might be interested in this racquet. If you have any style of playing, you can use flat serves but not with big power because if you play with flat serves and with big power, you could lack control. You can have a top spin game because it has a very easy access to top spin with this racquet. You are looking for intermediate level of power and you can also play at the net because the racquet is very easy to play at the net, very easy for the sliced backhand, very versatile racquet. In the doubt, you should definitely try the racquet to see which one you prefer. Personally, I prefer the lighter version because I have very good maneuverability and 310 g will be too heavy for me personally.

I hope this review will help you. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments of the video. Have fun playing tennis. Thank you for watching the video and see you soon in another video. Bye-bye.

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