Practice with my coach (D1 tennis player) – What I’m working on improving

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Practice with my coach (D1 tennis player) – What I’m working on improving

I’ve taken away a lot of feedback from some great tennis communities and am incorporating that into feedback from my coach. Here are a few other things I’m working on:
– Opening shoulders up earlier on forehands
– Keeping wrist looser on forehands
– Working on footwork and split-stepping before every shot
– Making sure I’m stopping, split-stepping before the first volley
– Staying low on volleys and not standing too tall
– Keeping racquet head up on forehand takeback

Here are a couple of videos of my most recent practice. I think you’ll see a noticeable improvement on forehands. I’m hitting cleaner and more accurately. I can flatten the forehand out better and can add spin as needed. I really like seeing the racquet lag in the still of this video. I’m trying to get more of that on the forehand. With my sore wrist, my mobility has been hampered so I find it more difficult to get the kind of range of motion for the lag that I want.

Here is a video of some drop hit points with my coach. I’m hitting a good ball in the first set to 10 points. I get sloppy in the second set of 10 and then back to a more solid game in the 3rd set of points that end in 5-5.

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