Some videos of my current play

Some videos of my current play

Here are 3 videos of my current play. I didn’t edit anything out so you see the errors as well as the good/long rallies. I should mention, I’m reworking my forehand as of this week and it isn’t documented on these videos. I’ll take a new video this week to show the differences.

This video is the beginning of a practice match. It was rainy and windy so it wasn’t the highest quality play. You’ll see a few more errors and unsure footing. We did get the full set in and I lost 3-6. We played another set that went to a tiebreak but it wasn’t recorded.


This is a practice with my coach. We’re working on rallies and timing. Its also a practice to work on my conditioning. You’ll see I just get gassed within the hour.


This video is of drop-hit points and is at the end of the practice above. I’m totally exhausted and the points are terrible. Still, good practice to try and keep form and footwork when you’re tired… I didn’t do very well at either but I thought about it. It’s the thought that counts, or so I’m told.



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