Adult tennis “recruiting” videos

Adult tennis “recruiting” videos

There are so many good junior tennis players out there doing college recruitment videos. The skills vary and these videos really show a lot about the players game. The really good videos show all of their shots from different angles, point play, serves, etc. If you’re a coach, you can get a decent feel for how good that player is and what they may need to work on.

It got me thinking. Why don’t adults do a tennis “recruitment” video? They can examine their game from a variety of angles, get third party advice, and just see how good or bad they are. It may sound kind of corny to call it a recruitment video but the format would be the exact same. Here is a college recruitment video that is what I’d want to emulate… especially if I could hit like this guy:

You can see a lot of this player’s habits (likes to hit a lot of closed stance forehands) and see how he might stack up. If you’re a coach, you’d like at tournament results and UTR. Adults would benefit from seeing this much of their game. We adults rarely get a comprehensive video of ourselves playing when we really should. Juniors spend a lot of time in front of the camera analyzing strokes and fixing hitches. It shows in their quick development and well worked-out mechanics.

Anyway, I’m going to work on the first adult tennis “recruitment” video and see how it goes. Feel free to laugh at me but if I get a full ride scholarship, you’ll look like a fool for laughing 🙂

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