Thanks to reddit for critiquing my groundstrokes

Thanks to reddit for critiquing my groundstrokes

I posted my ground stroke video to reddit for some feedback from the r/tennis community. As expected, I got some really good feedback and some less than stellar feedback. Here are a few comments that I took as most important and helpful. I’ve already started implementing a couple of these things into my game and have seen good results (I won both of my league matches last weekend in the playoffs).

  • argosdog: You’re not turning your shoulders enough.
  • tcptennis: Stroke aren’t terrible. But looks like someone has broken your ankles or knee caps. Figure out how to aggressively move to every ball and I bet it would do wonders for everything else.
  • penguyne17: I think the main thing you can do to improve your groundstrokes is to take your racket back sooner on both wings. It looks like you start your take-back when the ball hits your side of your court. As soon as you know what shot you are going to hit, turn your body and take your racket back and point the racket head straight back to the fence behind you. This will allow you to generate more racket head speed and accelerate through the ball more consistently. Timing is key, so you want to give yourself the most time on every shot.I recommend watching videos of pros like this: You’ll see what I’m talking about. Djokovic takes his racket back as much sooner than you do, which allows him to time the ball so well.
  • Unseen_but_heardYYES: Hey, your strokes look really nice! Your best shots are the ones when you start your shoulder swing a bit earlier then normal. Just try to do that more. 😊
  • cnoears: I’d say get your racquet head on your forehand more straight up and down on your take back. You do it well on your backhand.

I bolded these last two because I really think these are the things that helped me hit cleaner last weekend. I definitely need to work on my footwork but that is a bit harder to improve immediately. I’ll be incorporating some footwork drills into my training ASAP.

If you’d like to see the entire thread, click here.

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