Flo Tennis Review – Is it worth the money for the pro subscription?

Flo Tennis Review – Is it worth the money for the pro subscription?

Flo Tennis recently came up on my radar when I was trying to watch the NCAA tournament. I hated the feed on the NCAA site. The NCAA live stream was from a terrible angle, poor resolution/quality, and just over-all poorly done. I saw Flow Tennis was “following along” with the tournament and implied you could watch it with a pro subscription.

I signed up for the $20/mo recurring plan and was immediately underwhelmed. There were no live streams and even worse, no NCAA tournament stream.

I watched some other stuff on the site like the Redlicki mini documentary which was pretty good. ¬†They have some other articles and original content that are mildly interesting (not worth paying for in my opinion). They also have a recap/review show that talks about the “news” for the week. It was tolerable.

I’m not one to want to dog on a site because I understand how hard it is to run something online. My site is crap compared to theirs but I’m not asking for anything in return. I feel that Flo Sports is on the right track and will improve in time but I would not recommend spending the $20/mo they are asking. I would reconsider my position in a few months once they develop more original content and acquire more streams.

Flo Tennis, if you read this, good luck with your endeavors. I think the tennis world needs a company like yours to provide a fresh perspective away from ESPN and Tennis Channel. I’d suggest investing more into your content and put a tiny bit more effort into the college tennis stuff.

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  1. One more thing. I dislike that they have so many ads even in the paid version. That’s annoying. I get they want to monetize but too much advertising makes for a terrible user experience.

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